Neuro Coaching

Body and mind are closely interlinked and represent the key to ongoing personal development. What takes place in our heads, more precisely in our minds, is basically the driving force behind our life. In today’s world, this is no secret. We have long been debating on people’s capacities: what separates the successful from the rest? Why are some people more successful than others?

What separates us from one another are distinctive:

  • intelligence quotient,
  • personality and
  • emotional intelligence.

Together these factors define the way we think and act. Of the three characteristics, only emotional intelligence is adaptable and can be worked. At the same time, emotional intelligence explains why two people with identical intelligence quotient can reach such different levels of success in life.

Emotional intelligence comes down to emotions - the basic element of human behavior, an element distinct from our reason. We feel first and think later, and so emotions taught humanity to think.

The physical pathway of our emotions begins in the brain. Our initial feelings enter the brain and must reach the frontal part of the brain before we can tackle them rationally. Just before this happens, they travel through our limbic system where we experience emotions. An effective communication between the rational and the emotional center of the brain is vital to emotional intelligence.

Human brain is unique … it only weighs about 2 % of our body mass, yet consumes about 20 % of our body’s energy, which is twice as much as other body cells. It is our dynamic central that uses our senses to recognize about 2 million impulses in an instant, filters that to 150 purified impulses that get transferred to our conscious mind where as a result 5 to 9 impulses are formed. Our predominant subconscious mind (95 %) and conscious mind (3-5 %) are the building blocks of this “plastic” organ that never rests. With this characteristics our brain is the driving force for all our thoughts and memories, emotions and behaviors that form our life.

Understanding the functioning of our brain, our emotions and our personality, and building on our emotional intelligence gives us an understanding of who we truly are, how we function, and an insight into ourselves and the people around us. This empowers us to influence everything we do in our lives. It brings us clarity, vision and all the necessary skills to achieve patience, vision and perspective throughout our lives. The power of the brain to make us the best version of ourselves was and will always be on our side.