Each bite we take, our every thought and sentiment can either help or harm our body in its function. Choose wisely!

Our Philosophy

Nutrition at Zeleni Biser is based on the latest nutritional guidelines and knowledge available today. Our meals are built around wholesome foods of plant origin prepared in a tasty and simple way that allows them to keep the maximal amount of nutrients. Whenever possible we try to source seasonal produce from our local environment. We believe that the food on our plates should predominantly come from nature, and not from a box.


When it comes to food, we are faced with too many prohibitions and limitations: “gluten free”, “sugar free”, “fat free”, “no carbs”, “no bread”, “no refined sugar” and so on. At Zeleni Biser we believe that food should be healthy, simple and tasty. Labels, such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten free … are no assurance for a healthy diet. We believe there is a simple underlying truth that forms the basis for a healthy and wholesome diet, free of these modern dietary labels of relative value to health.

We place a much greater emphasis on assuring that the food we offer at Zeleni Biser begins its path on rich and fertile soil. Promoting biodynamic, ecological production with minimal amount of pesticides makes it easier to ensure a high nutrient value of the foodstuffs that form our meals. Moreover, food should be colorful and filled with phytonutrients that help our bodies rise up to its daily challenges.

Welcome everyone who wants to eat healthy and tasty food!


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