Services Offered by Zeleni Biser


Personal Coaching
  • Life Coaching.
  • Motivational Coaching.
  • Work – Life Balance Coaching.
  • Social and Emotional Intelligence Coaching.
  • NLP Sports Performance Coaching.
Business Coaching
  • Organizational Coaching.
  • Personal Motivation and Business and Life Coaching
  • Leadership Development Coaching and Management Skills Training.
  • Sales Coaching.
  • Strategic Coaching.
  • Project Management.

Organizational development & diagnostics

Organizational development & diagnostics
  • Organizational Change and Development.
  • Change Management.
  • Human Resource Management.
  • Sales and HR Strategy Development.


Outplacement for the Jobseekers
Outplacement for the Companies

Personal and corporate health management

Personal and corporate health management
  • Health Lifestyle Promotion.
  • Implementation of Health and Wellbeing Strategic Programs.
  • The Management of Occupational Health and Wellbeing of Employees (Health Ambassadors and Chief Happiness Officers).

Education for Individuals and Companies

Education for Individuals and Companies
  • One or Multi-day Workshops and Programs for Personal Growth and Development (Power of Visualization, Relaxation Techniques, Stress Management, Brain Waves and Mental Vitality, Technological Detoxification, …).
  • Teambuilding.

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