Core vision at Zeleni Biser: Who are you and where are you headed?

  • we wish to pass on knowledge through counselling and coaching, and to be the acting influence behind positive changes in individuals and companies
  • we wish to raise awareness about active mindset, brain processes and nutrition
  • we wish to consolidate different services for the welfare of individuals and companies

To raise awareness about the role that healthfully and lovingly prepared food plays in our mindset, and about the impact of our thoughts on our quality of life. Our mission to bring about positive changes in peoples’ lifestyles doesn’t end in raising awareness and urging, but extends to helping them pursue the life they dream and desire.

We guarantee for each person to be able to look in their mirror and be impressed, satisfied and happy with that they see. We believe that each of us must find our own path, as only that path is really ours. Through understanding how our brain functions, understanding our emotions and our personality, we can truly learn WHO WE ARE and evaluate our actions and the reasons behind them. This allows us to fill our lives with clarity, vision and purpose. It is our goal to help you discover clarity and purpose.