Each bite we take, our every thought and sentiment can either help or harm our body in its function. Choose wisely!

What is This All About?

It is about opening up, the adventure of experimenting, discovering and rediscovering of wholesome foods in their natural state.

It is about strengthening connections and bonding with our body. It is about learning to pay more attention to the food we eat in connection with our well-being and the functioning of our body and brain.

In its core, it is about developing true intuition about what really fuels our vitality and gives us strength, and about self-reprogramming to making decisions for our long-term benefit in all respects.

It is about creating change in people to help them burst with energy, to “reset” their bodies and to enable the cells in their body to restart breathing.

We realize that switching to a more plant based diet can be challenging. Most people are left with questions, such as what can I eat to be full without the protein from meat. This is just another reason for you to get to know us, and to stop by for a tasty breakfast, snack, lunch or dinner, or trust us with catering for your special occasion or events.

You can grow to like or dislike a taste in just 8 weeks.

Each individual is different; we all have our way of life, our “world map”, beliefs and values. At Zeleni Biser, we believe that each and every one of us has the right to choose what they eat, and what they don’t. We urge people to make a change. The novelties we’ve come to regard as our modern lifestyle should also reflect in our diet, to support us in our activities, and not be a detriment. Our dietary choices should be formed on the basis of sound objective awareness as to what kind and type of food is good for us, and how modern day food influences both physical and mental function of our body.