Zeleni Biser, Slovenian for Green Pearl, is a registered trademark with international business practice and strong identity that capitalizes on its own needs, needs of the environment, experience and talent to offer a wide variety of products and services aimed at green companies and green individuals.

A Green Mind in a Green Body

Green is the color of life, restoration, nature and energy that reminds us of growth, harmony, freshness, security and environment. Zeleni Biser places people at its heart – their “fuel” (the food consumed) on the one side, and their “engine and steering wheel” (green mindset and cognitive vitality) on the other – who need all-round nurturing and fuel to function at their full capacity.

Think about it! Our brain never stops. It is the engine behind our thoughts and motions, our breathing, our heartbeat and our senses – it works hard 24/7, even when we sleep. This means our brain needs “fueling”. Food we consume is the fuel, and its composition makes all the difference. Simply put, what we eat has a direct impact on the structure and the function of our brain, and finally reflects in our well-being and actions.